SIZING YOUR SYSTEM There are many factors to consider when it comes to designing an off-grid system. SD recommends that Load Demand is the first consideration to review and understand before deciding which system type is best for your project needs. Understanding load demand, when peak demand is required, environmental considerations and the rate of battery discharge will help you establish the size of system you require. The power and energy consumption of the loads is of significant importance in off-grid systems. The main points to consider: ❱ 1.  Which electrical loads are to be supplied by the off-grid system? ❱ 2.  How high will the energy consumption be per day or annually? ❱ 3. What will be the maximum peak power requirement in a day? SD has a number of sizing calculators to assist with the design stage and our team of experts are on hand to advise which method is the best to suit your application. Once the load demand and system rating has been established, SD will then recommend if a stand-alone, hybrid or mini-grid system is the most practical to your demands and also the operating voltage of your system. Depending on your geographic location and availability of space, we will also recommend whether supporting technologies such as Solar PV or a back-up diesel generator should be integrated within your system to help compliment the wind turbine or provide back up. 9 Our expert team can help you choose which system size and type is best to suit your load demand and provide uninterrupted power supply 24/7. CUSTOMISED SYSTEMS TO MEET LOAD DEMAND