REMOTE COMMUNITY Isle of Eigg Isle of Eigg’s electricity was powered by diesel generators until they installed 4 x SD6 – This is part of a Wind, Solar & Hydro Hybrid Grid. OFFSHORE North Sea The SD3EX wind turbine providesreliablepowerto unmanned gas platforms in the North Sea. ATEX approved. RESEARCH STATION Antarctica 9 x SD6 generating power for a remote access research centre. TELECOM BASE STATION Saudi Arabia The installation of wind turbines provided a cost-effective alternative to a diesel generator that would have involved subsequent costly refuelling trips and regular maintenance. TELECOM BASE STATION Rabi Island Fiji The only wind turbine on theisland.TheSDturbine is producing far more thantheexpectedannual energy output thanks to the great wind regime on the site. GAS LABORATORY Japan 2 x SD6 turbines generating power for Tokyo Gas Laboratory in Yokohama. VISITOR CENTRE Korea 2 SD6 units installed in 2007 as part of hybrid package along with Solar PV Panels. The system is used to power the visitor centre. 5