30+ YEARS OPERATION AROUND THEGLOBE RURAL DOMESTIC Alaska 3 x SD6 wind turbines installed to power a house and business in cold temperatures. RURAL ELECTRIFICATION Falkland Islands 90% of rural electricity generated in the Falklands comes from SD3 and SD6 wind turbines. Operating since 1992. TELECOM BASE STATION Namibia The base station serves telecommunication power to around 1,500 people living in the village of Dorbadis and to farming communities over 30km away. The hybrid energy solution ensures that the base station provides clean, green and continuous energy day and night. RURAL DOMESTIC England The hybrid system including 2 x SD6 wind turbines, provides the full electrical, hot water and heating demand of the small holding and business premises. 4 SD WIND ENERGY OFF-GRID INSTALLATIONS AROUND THE WORLD