Contactus WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING FACILITY Since 1980 our team have been focused on delivering the very best in quality and innovation in small scale wind. From our engineering through to production, we are regarded amongst the most highly accredited businesses operating in the global wind industry. Independently audited annually by the world’s leading certification bodies, our team are dedicated to continually surpassing the highest standards in quality and certification. As the world’s only small wind turbine manufacturer who holds the stringent ATEX approval for the Oil & Gas industry, we understand the rigorous processes required to deliver market leading renewable energy products to our customers - whether for an agricultural farm or an unmanned Oil & Gas platform, each wind turbine that is manufactured at our head-quarters undergoes the same internal checks on quality and testing before being despatched to it’s installation destination. As the first small wind turbine manufacturer* to achieve MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme) accreditation, we have lead the small wind industry at every stage of it’s development over recent years, including installer certification. At SD Wind Energy we are passionate about our business, our customers and our industry which is why we will continue to lead the sector in the advancement of standards and compliance and the delivery of market leading products and services across the globe. We care about energy, we care about sustainability and we care about our customers. From our market leading product warranties, to the training and development of our global installer network, every element of delivering world class wind energy has been considered at SD Wind Energy. * (former company name Proven Energy) PERFORMANCE . EXPERTISE . RELIABILITY