SOLAR PV Solar Photovoltaics compliments Small Wind Turbines very well and in particular can offer a seasonal back up benefit for periods of no wind or for applications that require a full renewable hybrid solution – day and night. SD can supply Solar PV panels as part of a Hybrid Solution, which can be designed into the off grid system at time of installation or as a retro-fit upgrade should energy demand increase at site. The recommended Solar PV panel will depend on your location and weather regime. Your system designer will advise the best solution at the point of enquiry. DIESEL GENERATORS Whilst SD specialise in off grid systems as an alternative to diesel generators, in some cases a generator is required as a back-up power source to compliment a renewable off grid system, typically, for the rare occasions there has been no wind or where the battery has discharged beyond your load demand and until they have re- charged. The integration of a diesel generator is to provide back-up which is only required on average 5% of the time when a hybrid system is sized appropriately to your load demand requirements. DATA LOGGING SD can tailor data logging and energy monitoring to the specific needs of any project and specialise in the integration of remote telemetry for the purposes of energy management, recording performance outputs and wind speed etc. Dashboards to record all elements of performance characteristics can be customised with alerts, charting data comparison. In addition, SD can integrate anemometry with our data logging systems to monitor wind speeds and direction for 100% viability of your systems performance. 28 ADDITIONAL TECHNOLOGIES & COMPONENTS In our 30+ years experience of designing and supplying off-grid systems around the world, we understand the needs of each application differ from one to another. Depending on the location, climatic conditions or customer needs, SD Wind Energy can tailor each package to include alternative renewable technologies, anemometry for wind speed measurement and data logging with customised dashboards for energy monitoring and reporting. Our team have the expertise to advise on the considerations that will help to make your off-grid power project a reality and can call upon a host of renewable energy professionals around the world to support the delivery, installation and commissioning on your project.