THE CHALLENGE In such a remote region of the world, the costs of powering a scientific research facility with diesel generators was simply not an option. This was not only due to the challenging logistics of diesel transportation but most importantly, to allow the scientific research facility to achieve a Zero Emissions status which was fundamental to its existence. Two of the most omnipresent features of Antarctic weather (during the Austral summer) are the wind and the sun. Two renewable sources that provide free energy to the “zero emission” Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. While the sun never sets in Antarctica for one half of the year, it never rises for the other half. This means that in order to function properly during the Antarctic winter, the Princess Elisabeth Station needed a second source of energy that would be available all winter long. Coupled with the challenges of extreme winds and periods of no sunshine, the project required turbines that could withstand -40°C temperatures. THE SOLUTION The katabatic winds on the Antarctic continent provided the answer to the issue, as the wind gusts from the plateau are as fierce in the winter as they are in the summer. With these factors in mind, the most obvious solution was SD Wind Energy. 9 x SD6 were installed due to their ability to withstand the two most extreme elements on Antarctica – high winds & cold climate. Ease of Installation and Low Maintenance were also key considerations in establishing the best fit for small scale wind and an alternative energy source. A room full of lead-acid batteries enables the station to store energy for times when demand exceeds the current energy production. ❱ Continuous power supply all year round ❱  Energy generation in all weather conditions Operational down to -40°C ❱ ❱ ❱  Zero CO2 emissions energy system POWER SUPPLY DOWNTO -40°C SYSTEM SPECIFICATION ❱  SD6 x 9 (300V) ❱  Solar PV Panels ❱  Solar Thermal Panels ❱  SMA Mini-Grid Inverters ❱  Rectifier Protection Controller ❱  Battery Bank KEY COMPONENTS WIND TURBINE CONTROLLER INVERTER SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEM GRID INVERTER BATTERY BANK SOLAR PV SYSTEM 19 SYSTEM TYPE: Smart Micro-Grid