SYSTEM SPECIFICATION ❱ SD6 (300V) x 6 (36kW) ❱  Solar PV Panels (34kWp) ❱  SMA Mini-Grid Inverters ❱  Rectifier Protection Controller ❱  Battery Bank (225kWh Usable) ❱  60kW Back Up Diesel Generator WIND POWERED COMMUNITY WIND TURBINE CONTROLLER INVERTER BACK UP DIESEL GENERATOR GRID INVERTER BATTERY BANK KEY COMPONENTS SOLAR PV SYSTEM 13 THE CHALLENGE For almost 20 years, the Islands of Canna and Sanday’s 18 residents have had to rely on three diesel generators for power, as the islands are not connected to the National Grid. Powering the local community was challenging and expensive as well as being damaging to the sensitive environment due to the pollution from the diesel generators. This is a common problem in remote island communities that strive to preserve the natural environment in which they live which is often a haven for rare wild-life and sensitive vegetation. The costs to maintain the communities power demand was excessive as well as problematic in respect of transportation of diesel and the on-going running costs of these generators. THE SOLUTION The community has established its own enterprise, Canna Renewable Energy and Electrification Ltd (CREEL) to own and operate a new mini-grid. Electricity will be provided to residents after which profits from the power generated will be used to cover operation and maintenance costs and reduce bills for local homes and businesses. The mini-grid comprises of 6 x SD6 Small Wind Turbines and a 34.56kWp PV System. The new system is expected to substitute the use of over 36,000 litres of diesel fuel each year, equivalent to 96.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. SYSTEM TYPE: Wind, Solar & Diesel Hybrid “We’re delighted that our energy project is now completed and the turbines are making good use of this winter’s Atlantic gales. As well as minimising the noise and pollution from the generators, the new scheme gives us the capacity to build additional houses on Canna, so that new families can make their home on this beautiful island” CREEL Director Geraldine MacKinnon