Stand Alone Wind turbine is the sole source of power, connected to a battery to provide constant supply of energy. Hybrid Wind turbine integrated with Solar PV panels and/or a diesel generator to provide uninterrupted power 24/7. Mini-Grid Multiple wind turbines and alternative renewable technologies interconnected to create a distributed energy network. Smart Grid A mini-grid that prioritises energy demand control and allocates energy to users based on real time availability. Off-Grid Power Solutions 17% of the global population is currently without electricity - that’s over 1.26 billion people! For some this is a lifestyle decision, opting to live beyond the grid for electricity. For the majority this is not through choice. Approximately 87% without electricity live in rural or remote areas, or locations with low population. It’s in these locations where the provision of national grids isn’t possible, whether due to technical challenges, high cost or a lack of local government investment. SD Wind Energy provides reliable, efficient and affordable off-grid energy solutions through our small scale wind turbines, often combined as hybrid systems with Solar PV or back-up diesel generators, all of which offers a solution to the challenges of generating power off mains. Our solutions are compatible for integration into existing off-grid systems that may require additional power expansion or as an alternative clean technology to replace high polluting and expensive to operate diesel gensets. Off-grid systems are adaptable, can be expanded easily to accommodate change in use or load demand and can provide uninterrupted power 24/7. The requirement for power demand will differ from site to site and one size does not fit all when it comes to designing an off-grid system, which is why our ‘Guide to Off-Grid Systems’ has been created to help you understand the various options available, the key technical considerations and to demonstrate the wide range of existing off-grid customers, system sizes and configurations already providing robust, reliable off- grid power around the globe. If you need help in designing the most appropriate off- grid energy solution for your needs, contact our expert team today! PERFORMANCE . EXPERTISE . RELIABILITY INTRODUCTION TO OFF-GRID SYSTEMS 3