SD recognises the integrity of supporting structures is as critical as the wind turbines themselves, which is why our towers are designed and classified to the highest standard available. With a full range of hydraulic masts available from 6m to 20 heights, the location of your project will establish which tower height is the most suitable for your application. SD recommends the highest tower height possible at your location, to ensure optimum outputs are achieved. As the wind speed increases with height, consideration should be made to ensure your wind turbine is free from surrounding obstructions and is well exposed to the prevailing wind direction. Hydraulic towers offer many benefits with the most obvious being the raising and lowering of the turbine for servicing purposes is achieved over a shorter duration, therefore, minimising downtime for service inspections. The SD wind turbines on hydraulic masts can be lowered and raised in as little as 20 minutes which ensures the turbine can be serviced at ground level without the need for expensive cranes for both installation and servicing. 20 min. RAISING & LOWERING TIME 26 TOWERS