SD Wind Energy's 6kW Turbine gains US SWCC Product Approval

The SD6 (6kW) has gained approval in the US for small wind and is now on the SWCC approved product list. The Small Wind Certification Council offers guidance and approval to manufacturers and consumers alike. CC-SWCC is an independent certification body created to serve the North American market. ICC-SWCC certifies wind turbines that conform to robust industry standards.


SD6 gains US product approval for SWCC

The SD6 is amongst the most sought after small wind turbine around the world and has been operating for over 25 years in some of the harshest weather regimes known to man, such as Antarctica and The Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

Following the successful certification to the latest standards in the UK (Micro-generation Certification Scheme), SD Wind Energy is proud to confirm that the SD6 has yet again been accepted by another certification body, this time in North America.


Incentive Schemes

SD Wind Energy Business Development Director - Richard Caldow commented:

"Obtaining SWCC approval allows consumers to access regional incentive schemes in the US with our SD6 and places SD Wind Energy at the forefront of small wind yet again as one of the most highly accredited companies operating in the sector"


Shawn Martin of ICC-SWCC commented:

“On behalf of the Small Wind certification Council, I’m very pleased to announce the certification of the SD6 turbine to the AWEA 9.1 standard.  Certification is required in North America to qualify for many rebate and incentive programs encouraging the use of renewable energy systems.  But perhaps even more importantly, it demonstrates that the turbine has undergone rigorous testing and quality evaluations and has met all criteria for certification.  We believe strongly that certification is a vital tool to elevate and advance the distributed wind industry.  Congratulations to SD Wind!”



The SD6 product certification forms part of SD Wind Energy's launch in the US and coincides with the appointment of Brian Fawcett, US Distribution Manager - who is in the process of establishing a new dealer network to support existing owners of the Proven Energy & Kingspan Wind range as well as new sales of SD Wind Energy small wind turbines.


Through active ongoing participation in technical committees for the AWEA Standard, and the IEC Standards, ICC-SWCC is playing a key role in helping to update and achieve international harmonization of standards, testing and certification. ICC-SWCC is working diligently with other wind certification programs in Europe, Asia and North America to minimize the differences between country-specific requirements in order to address a well-recognized market barrier.


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