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SD Wind Energy is a rapidly growing company with a dynamic and experienced team.

Our mission is to conduct our business with integrity and in an inclusive and ethical environment to deliver reliable products and services, utilising innovative solutions and quality manufacturing. We are committed to reaching Net Zero by 2050 and conduct our business in a sustainable and consistent manner.

The company designs and manufactures robust small wind turbines from our headquarters in Stewarton, Scotland which are shipped globally.

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Investment in innovation and fostering the development of key skills in house enables us to challenge the industry norms and develop innovative and bespoke solutions incorporating real time performance data. The SD Wind Energy Team are expert in the design, manufacture and installation of our small wind turbine and renewable energy solutions and can adapt to suit any project requirement. 

7,000+ Installations Worldwide on Every Continent

30+ Years Expertise in Small Wind Turbine Design

Design and Installation of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Incorporation into Existing Renewable Energy Solutions