We actively search for innovative ways to combat the impact of climate change and there has never been a more crucial time for renewable energy microgeneration at individual household, business, and community levels. Our small wind turbines are robustly manufactured to suit all project requirements and are also ideal for remote or difficult to access environments, offshore platforms and marine applications, and extreme cold applications.

Our small wind turbines and hybrid renewable systems offer energy security for a range of applications to guard against the changing energy landscape worldwide and move towards a cleaner way to create power for the planet.




Wind Turbines for Rural Electrification

17% of the world's population is without electricity. The areas affected include remote villages, rural dwellings in mountainous locations and communities on remote islands and which aren't connected to their native mainland.

SD Wind Energy can design and supply turnkey solutions such as mini-grids or stand-alone systems for off-grid, remote or difficult to access environments. The creation of micro/mini-grids is emerging as the solution to a long-standing problem of energising remote locations, which otherwise cannot be connected to the main electricity grid due to distance, logistics or cost.

The cost saving and environmental benefits of these applications are significant as they eradicate the need for fossil fuels and safeguard energy security for years to come.


Offshore Wind Turbines for Oil & Gas

atex-logo.pngWe have the World's First ATEX approved small offshore wind turbines. Successfully operating on unmanned Oil & Gas platforms in the North Sea for over a decade, our offshore wind turbine has been deployed for projects worldwide.

Marine Grade Wind Turbines - Marinised turbine solutions can be deployed to provide power in Safe Zone Environments or coastal locations.

We can supply fully integrated systems, full DNV approval and factory acceptance testing to suit project requirements.


Wind Turbines for Telecoms

Small scale renewable energy systems, or 'micro-generation' is ideally placed to address the historical and current energy dilemma in the telecommunications sector, eradicating the need for diesel generators on remote sites.

It is estimated that as much as 70% of mobile telecom towers face electrical grid outages on average 8 hours a day. This creates an energy problem that without small wind turbines for telecoms, operators need to rely on expensive and polluting fossil fuels, such as diesel generators.

Ease of integration is at the core of SD Wind Energy's design concept; with several different packages and solutions available to support telecom operators in achieving full power autonomy and protection against grid outages and ultimately, loss of power.


Industrial & Commercial Wind Turbines 

With increasing energy costs and the need to reduce carbon emissions, more and more businesses are using small wind turbines to address their energy problem.

Small wind turbines are unobtrusive and when sited correctly, can make a substantial contribution to your energy mix whilst making a positive contribution to reducing carbon emissions.


Agricultural & Rural Domestic Wind Turbines 

Our wind turbines offer attractive benefits for rural domestic and smallholding customers for on-site energy generation. Often allowing total independence from the national grid, our domestic wind turbines are ideally positioned to power rural applications including agricultural businesses, farms and homes.

Operators can benefit from an additional source of income from the turbine (where a renewable energy subsidy or tariff is available) or by exporting excess energy to the grid.

Installing a small wind turbine or hybrid renewable energy system offers reliable energy production and ensures the farm, business or property can achieve energy security for decades to come.

Our wind turbine foundations can be landscaped over once installed, therefore general farming and grazing is unaffected. The agricultural land can then also benefit from farming energy in addition to its livestock and crops.

Wind Turbine Installation & Servicing

SD Wind Energy provides support throughout turbine ownership and has an experienced service and installation team in house.

Our wind turbines are installed and serviced at ground level and therefore do not require expensive cranes or plant hire. The innovative hydraulic masts allow for quicker service inspections, which minimises downtime and costs.

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